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  • I saved $1,200 by choosing Om. The service was fast and easy, with amazing support, and I saved myself three trips to the lawyer's office.

    Paul R. Graphic Designer at an Education Startup

    • The Newlyweds

      John and Alice as newly weds wanted to create a will to protect the life they were building together. Read testimonial.

    • The First Generation

      Shannon's parents were born in China. Now that they are retired, Shannon and her siblings wanted to help them with their will and their health care wishes. Read testimonial.

    • Expecting Parents

      Moe and Gina wanted to make sure they had been covered going into labour, but they were quoted extra to modify their documents after their child was born. Read testimonial.

    • The Retirees

      James and his wife created a will 40 years ago when they first got married. They needed to refresh their will, assign people to take care of their property and specify their health care wishes. Read testimonial.

  • Simple is good.

    Om makes it easy to create a legal will and emergency care plan online.

    • Simple process

      Om was designed by our experienced estate planning lawyers to make the process of creating a will more affordable, simple and effortless.

    • Simple price

      With Om's One-time payment. Lifetime coverage.℠ you can save up to $2,000 over your lifetime.

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You work hard to build a good life. Protect it by creating a Will and Emergency Care Plan with Om, today.

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